British Car Parts & Service

We would like to thank the following sponsors for their continued support of our club and its activities. If any of these links do not take you to the proper web site, please send an email to the webmaster and let him know.

Matt Bakes is a CPTC member and is well known to TR4 owners for his knowledge of the early TRs. He does restorations and sells cars and parts. Visit his web site or call him at (610) 845-8217. Support Matt as he has found many ways to make our life better throughout the years.
Matt is also an international supplier of high quality British wiring harnesses, wire, terminals & electrical sundries for British classic cars and motorcycles. See his web site or call him at (866) 461-9050. Matt is a great supporter of this cub; please show your appreciation with your business.
Moss Motors has been around since British cars started arriving on these shores. In addition to great parts availability, Moss has created a very large library of DIY How-To videos on YouTube. This supplier patronizes CPTC and we urge you to support them in return. Visit the web site to see their full range of parts for many British cars including Triumph.

Links to other British Car Parts & Service Suppliers with satisfied CPTC customers