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Outstanding technical Triumph web sites

All of the following web sites stand out as valuable assets in the understanding of technical issues regarding Triumph automobiles. Some are general in nature and some focus on specific models, but all are commonly recognized for their excellence.

The first two web sites are hosts for two very large PDF files. These are a TR6 repair manual and an follow-up supplement written by Len Renkenberger. This is the Holy Grail of TR6 information since everything worth knowing about maintaining TR6s is contained within these two volumes. When this manual was first released in the '80s, most people who performed "shade-tree" maintnance on their TR6s purchased these books (I was one of them). Len has since released this document to the public domain as his legacy to the TR6 community. Our thanks go to Len for making this information available to all, to Jim Matos for managing the conversion, and to Bob Danielson and Paul Rego for providing the cyberspace to disseminate this information. The manual is 161 pages of valuable information and is a 36 MB download. The supplement is 47 pages and is a 16 MB download. Be patient and you will be rewarded with Solid Gold.

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